Once you’ve purchased a Rolex replica watches, or any mechanical timepiece, have you thought about what the next steps are? Are there simple things that you can be doing to ensure the watch functions at its optimum level? We asked our in-house Rolex by The Watch Gallery watchmaker Jamie Hardes, who is based at the One Hyde Park boutique in London, to talk us through his key tips to looking after your Rolex…


Before you even leave the store, ensure your bracelet is fitted correctly. An automatic movement needs the motion of the wrist to work. If it’s hanging off the wrist, it won’t work properly.


After setting the time or changing the date, make sure the crown is screwed down securely. If it isn’t it can let in dust or water and potentially damage the movement.


If you’re swimming in the sea or pool on holiday, just remember to give your watch a quick rinse in cold water afterwards. Salt water or chlorine can be corrosive to a watch long term. Also, don’t forget to keep the crown screwed down tightly to keep it waterproof.


When laying down your replica watches after taking it off, remember to lay it down crown first. This ensures that the least amount of watch is touching the surface at any time. It also prevents the polished case from being scratched.


Rolex replica watches recommends you have your watch professionally serviced every 3-5 years, to ensure it continues to work effectively. During a servicing, the watchmaker will lubricate the movement and change the seels to ensure the timepiece stays waterproof.



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Omega Speedy Tuesday – Replica Watches 2015-2016 Selects Speedmaster Professional As “Stars For a Lifetime” Winner

Speedmaster3570502-700x400After a long selection process in several categories, the Replica Watches 2015-2016 winners have just been announced. In the category “Stars for a Lifetime”, the jury selected the Omega Speedmaster Professional ‘Moonwatch’ as the winner amongst 10 watches on the shortlist, from A. Lange & Söhne to Zenith.

The Replica Watches, an initiative from Ebner and with over 60 jury members from the industry is the only watch award that is independent as it drives on media partnerships, not on watch brands. The Replica Watches consists of 5 categories (Classic Stars, Technical Stars, Design Stars, Stars for a Lifetime, New Stars). Omega won in another category (Classic Stars) with their Globemaster model that came out this year (we did a hands-on in-depth review of the Globemaster here). Other than the name ‘Classic Stars’ implies, it is the category for three-handed watches with no functions other than a date and/or power reserve indicator. All watches in the Classic Stars category must have mechanical movements and launched in 2015.

SP_Moonwatch_Prof_31130423001005_vueC_1600x900However, we focus on the “Stars for a Lifetime”-winner, the Replica Omega Speedmaster Professional. In this category, watches could be entered by the jury that could be described as timeless classics whose design and/or technical features give them an appeal that will last for decades. All watches were eligible regardless of when they were introduced.

Well, with an initial introduction of 1957 for the original Speedmaster, you could say it is one of the few timeless classics of that era that is still around and have been around non-stop. This watch doesn’t need much introduction, especially if you are a regular reader of our Speedy Tuesday feature, you (probably) know more about it then most of the Watchstars jury members. So to us fans, it is only logical that the watch won this award although last year’s (the first year of the Replica Watches) winner, the Royal Oak ‘Extra-Thin’ reference 15202, is definitely a Star for a Lifetime as well.

SP_Moonwatch_Prof_31130423001005_fuite_1600x900In the initial 44 models that were entered by the jury members for this category, the Omega Speedmaster First Omega in Space and White Side of the Moon (we did a hands-on review of the WSotM here) were also selected. I don’t get the White Side of the Moon nomination to be honest, with the other Dark Sides of the Moon models available as well. Perhaps I even don’t get the First Omega in Space nomination, as the classic model is clearly the regular Speedmaster Professional ‘Moonwatch’. Well, perhaps that is just ‘noise’ as anything could be entered by the jury members for the initial long list. Luckily, on the shortlist of 10 watches, the regular Speedmaster Professional ‘Moonwatch’ was selected.

I noticed some other odd choices on the list of the nominees in this category (click here), but that got straightened out in the shortlist (click here). I guess it has something to do with the diversity of jury members.

Replica Watches 2015-2016 is, as we are closing in on the end of this year, another proof that this was definitely the year of the Speedmaster for many collectors and enthusiasts. The other BIG thing will happen today, in New York City, where Christie’s will host the Speedmaster 50 auction that we discussed already in-depth (here and here). If all goes well, we will have some more “live” coverage about that auction later on. The demand for this watch (new and vintage) has grown quite a bit in recent years and I wouldn’t be surprised if prices for various Speedmaster models will sky-rocket in the months to come.

Salvation Army Swiss Replica Rolex donor: ‘I feel guilty wearing this watch’


An anonymous good Samaritan made a special Christmas donation to the Salvation Army yesterday: a gold Swiss Replica Rolex right off his wrist.

“I feel guilty wearing this watch when there are so many people in need,” the donor told Major Todd Hughes when he walked into The Salvation Army Corps Community Center in Newburyport, according to Salvation Army officials.

The donor then handed the watch to Hughes and asked that it be used to help poor people in the area. He asked to remain anonymous.

“I’ve never seen anything like this in all my years serving with The Salvation Army,” Hughes said in a statement. “To look someone in the eye and then watch him take a Swiss Replica Rolex watch off his wrist to help the people we serve, it’s humbling. This gift is particularly meaningful in this community because our red kettle campaign is projected to raise $30,000 less than it did last year. We need all the help we can get.”

Salvation Army staff and volunteers also have found precious gifts donated anonymously in their red kettles in recent weeks: Diamond rings were donated in Boston, New Bedford and Plymouth and a 14k gold bracelet was donated in Brockton. In all, 15 pieces of jewelry and rare items have been donated this holiday season, starting with a wedding band and a diamond engagement ring dropped into a red kettle outside of a Billerica Market Basket on November 30.

“The people of Massachusetts continue to amaze and inspire us by giving these precious, personal gifts,” said Major David B. Davis, Divisional Commander of the Massachusetts Salvation Army. “The money that will be raised for the Red Kettle Campaign from these precious gifts will provide toys to children in need, coats and warm meals to families, and important programming to help in our cities and towns. We’re blessed that Massachusetts residents are moved to give at this important time of year.”

Last year, an anonymous widow placed her wedding and diamond engagement rings in a red kettle outside of Boston’s North Station — touching off a spree of jewelry donations across the region.

DePrisco Diamond Jewelers in Boston has offered to appraise all of the items donated.

The Salvation Army has set a statewide Red Kettle campaign goal of $3.4 million this year. Collections to date stand at $2.59 million, leaving approximately $800,000 to raise with just two days left in the campaign, which ends tomorrow, on Christmas Eve.

Donations are used to serve hundreds of thousands of children, families and seniors across Massachusetts throughout the year, including providing meals, toys and other holiday support, along with funding for food pantries, soup kitchens, social services, and education programs throughout the year.

Replica Audemars Piguet Reveals Royal Oak Concept Laptimer Watch With Dual Seconds Chronograph

Created with means of measuring and recording a series of consecutive lap times, Replica Audemars Piguet presents the new Royal Oak Concept Laptimer. The wristwear has been largely comprised of forged carbon and titanium, as it is a followup to the 2010 delivery by Replica Audemars Piguet ambassador and seven-time Formula 1 world champion Michael Schumacher.

The Audemars Piguet WatchesThe nice watch showcases split-second measurement thanks to two central seconds hands. With the press of a button, one hand stops and the other continues to circulate, altogether marking an intermediate time. The hands can then be reunited upon pushing the button once again. The wristwear can also measure, display, and record time with a single second hand while the other can be stopped and restarted independently.

This impressive and functional work of art from Replica Audemars Piguet is set to be released in limited edition fashion (221 units) with a price tag of $229,500 USD.


‘Money Man’ splashes $1.1million on Cheap Hublot

‘Money Man’ splashes $1.1million on Cheap Hublot

Hublot watchesReplica Watches splashed $1.1million on a diamond-encrusted Cheap Hublot watches which he showed off on his

Even though he is retired, Floyd Mayweather continues to splash his cash on things he like.
The 38-year-old former splashed $1.1million on a diamond-encrusted Cheap Hublot watch which he showed off on his

Hublot watches-1Hublot replica bought the expensive time piece during his recent trip to Dubai Mall as he enjoyed a holiday in the Middle East.

It seems the undefeated former boxer is enjoying his stay in Dubai as he shared photos of himself during the trip.

Hublot watches-2
He shared a photo of himself in front of the world’s tallest building – the Burj Khalifa Hotel in Dubai.

Cheap Replica Watches has been spending time traveling round the world having retired from boxing.
He beat Andre Berto in September to complete his glittering career at 49-0, including 26 by knockout.