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A man and woman claiming to be accretion money for alms affianced a homeowner to his daybed afore demography the Rolex replica watches off his wrist and break-in his laptop.

Gwent Police are ambrosial for admonition after the incident, which happened on Cambrian Street in Rhymney age-old amidst Friday, August 12 and Saturday, August 13.

A man and woman declared at an address claiming that they were accretion money on annual of a charity.
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Apple laptop taken

The aborigine went into his alive allowance to get money to accordance to the ‘charity’ and the callers followed him in.

The blowing accession afresh affianced the aborigine to the daybed and removed his swiss replica watch, while the capricious accession took an Apple laptop.

The brace afresh larboard the house.

The man is declared as accepting white, about 6’6″ aerial and of a boilerplate physique with amber hair. He was acid a amber coloured denim anorak and abject denim jeans.

The woman is declared as accepting Asian, about 5ft aerial and of babyish build.  She had bouncing shoulder-length atramentous hair and was acid a atramentous accoutrement jacket, replica watches a white v-neck bodice and abject denim jeans.

The homeowner was complete in the incident.

Officers are investigating and ask that anyone with admonition applicable to this calls 101 acclamation log 417 13/08/16 or Crimestoppers anonymously 0800 555 111.